·China ranked ninth on a global fatigue index list, Sleepseeker, a United Kingdom-based company, said in a study published recently. A total of 16 countries were ranked in the study, with Singapore coming out on top with [阅读详细]
·A group photo of Niu Ruixue (fifth from left, front row) and the rest of the team from 27 Yard in Beijing.[Photo provided to China Daily] Neighborhood revitalization project brings generations together in creative ways t[阅读详细]
·Gaofang, a condensed semisolid paste, is especially helpful for people with weak immune systems and chronical diseases.[Photo provided to China Daily] Traditional Chinese medicine theories emphasize the importance of pre[阅读详细]
·The 28-year-old Peng is already a household name.[Photo provided to China Daily] From robots to aircraft, a new generation is providing thrust for innovation, Wang Qian reports. While most people were stuck at home last [阅读详细]
·Zuzana Pavlonova (left) from the Czech Republic works as a volunteer to guide a resident through nucleic acid testing in Xiamen, Fujian province, in September.[Photo/Xinhua] September was almost over, but it was still ba[阅读详细]
·- 2018穿越火线国际邀请赛的比赛由积分循环赛(Integral round match)以及选拔出前4名 - 2018穿越火线国际邀请赛的比赛进行方式可能根据现场的情况及直播日程有所变动,邀请赛组委 - 2018穿越火线国际邀请赛的所有规则都将以英文版为参[阅读详细]
·BEIJING-Hundreds of thousands of adolescents in China have benefited from a mental health service project co-initiated by the United Nations Childrens Fund and the National Health Commission of China. The five-year Adol[阅读详细]
·Montgomery Hall is home to Savannah College of Art and Designs School of Digital Media.[Photo provided to China Daily] Savannah College of Art and Design, a private nonprofit university founded in 1978, is cultivating ta[阅读详细]
·Liang Yijian displays a 3D-printed model of a young patients spine. [Photo provided to China Daily] First-time visitors to the Third Peoples Hospital of Chengdu in Sichuan province are in for a surprise. They will see ma[阅读详细]
·路,启航新征程。对于体制内工作者而言,这是一个红色的七月,这是一个盛大的七月,这是一个无比忙碌的七月。连续不断地庆祝活动,接二连三的汇报材料,确保时效的节点宣传,通宵达旦,在所难免。 宣传岗、材料岗乃至其他岗位,此时此刻[阅读详细]
·NVIDIA RTX开创性的平台包含光线追踪和AI技术,用前所未有的方式改变我们游戏和创作的方式。RTX势不可挡。自CES 2021以来,有150多款游戏和应用支持RTX加速创新,包括基于GPU加速的光线追踪功能,以及AI加速的NVIDIA深度学习超级采样(DLS[阅读详细]
·Ethnic Dong women catch fish in the paddy fields in the Sanjiang Dong autonomous county in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.[Photo provided to China Daily] New method by farmers is helping harvest a tourism wave in S[阅读详细]
·With rain hammering the hills, autumn days in Xiahe county, Northwest Chinas Gansu province, were delightfully cool, as Kunchok Tsering, 73, took a sip of piping-hot milk tea to stay warm while playing chess in his room.[阅读详细]
·Young people stretch at a park in Handan, Hebei province, ahead of International Yoga Day on June 21.[Photo by Hao Qunying/For China Daily] Zhang Lu, a 31-year-old fitness enthusiast, has started eschewing her favorite s[阅读详细]
·The newly-launched online platform providing updated news and social services for people with disabilities is available at A comprehensive online platform to provide people with disabilities with updated news and social [阅读详细]
·A still image from documentary series Hi Pediatrician showing three of the doctors featured. Fan Shuangshi prepares for an operation. [Photo provided to China Daily] Documentary series follows pediatricians in Hunan, rec[阅读详细]
·Visitors using fur skis enjoy the snow at Jiangjunshan Ski Resort in Altay prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, in 2019.[Photo provided to China Daily] Ancient fur-covered footwear enjoys a revival in Xinjiang a[阅读详细]
·ADDIS ABABA - Berhanu Kedir, 34, is one of the many outpatients who have been receiving the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for treatment at the Tirunesh Beijing Hospital on the outskirts of the Ethiopian capital, Add[阅读详细]
·的一则新闻,无人机送外卖落地深圳,说的是美团无人机配餐业务,首次官宣即落地,新鲜。或许不久的未来,外卖员要跟无人机抢业务了。 还有一则新闻,说的是最新第八代微软小冰,因为超级语音技术的发布,可以量产角色:做直播间助手,当销[阅读详细]

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